November 24, 2017     Florin Dumitrescu

How can foreign citizens acquire urban land in Romania?

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Starting with 2012, foreign citizens from EU / EEA member countries can acquire land in Romania for secondary residences. Therefore, at present, a citizen of an EU / EEA member state can acquire real estate (house, land, apartment, etc.) under the same conditions as a Romanian citizen, by purchase, exchange, donation, or another type of transfer deed. of the property, but the destination of the building must be that of secondary residence. The category of land use must be construction yards. The land can have constructions on it or it can be without built constructions.

According to the provisions of the law, the residence of the person means the place where he has his secondary home. Unlike domiciles, the residence is optional and temporary. A natural person can have only one residence on the territory of a state.

The constructions, without the property right over the afferent land, can be acquired unconditionally.

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